What we offer

Web Development & Hosting

Planning to make your presence known to the world?

Contact us. We will help you in the whole process; starting from choosing a name to optimizing your site to get maximum benefits from your investment. We host your site using the best hosting solutions.

We offer various hosting plans suiting your budget and requirements.

Software Consultancy

In today’s fast evolving business world, your selection of software makes a very big difference. How can you make sure that your investments on software is the right choice for tomorrow’s needs? How do you know you are operating your business IT systems according to best practices?

We have the skills & experience to assist you in developing your long term IT strategy and IT road map.

We will benchmark your current process and develop a plan that will determine where you are now, where you want to be, and how you will get there using industry standard methodologies . This type of approach and formulating a suitable IT strategy has proven track record of less IT spending in the long run.

We also help our client to choose the right software solutions. We have our own highly experienced developers and implementers to provide turnkey software solution to our clients.

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ERP Implementation

ERP is a word largely misinterpreted as an expensive, time consuming system to implement and reachable for the fortune 500 companies only. The fact is that industry specific ERP systems are available in the market which can fit exact to your requirement and can fulfil your entire business needs. Such vertical solutions are much cheaper and can be implemented in a short span of time.

Our expertise is in implementing such ERP solutions for your business. We have highly experienced implementers with domain expertize from various business lines. We work with various ERP vendors and implement their solutions using industry standard process and procedures. We also carry out Integrations to other systems which may be required as per their business needs.

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BI Solutions

Knowing more about your business and taking actions faster than others is the best way to gain an edge on your competition. BI solutions help you achieve this at a click. We offer consultancy, development and implementation of the most advanced BI solutions to your business.

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CRM is a most integral part of the business in today’s competitive market place. Every company competes with each other in providing the best customer experience. A proper CRM solution is the answer for this. Maintaining proper customer information, keeping contacts with the customer, managing history of services and contacts , handling and tracking customer complaints etc. are all managed in your CRM systems. We help you implement industry standard CRM solutions applying best practices and at the same time meeting your special requirements.

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